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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and NoGi Grappling


Development of BJJ and NoGi GRAPPLING in the Czech Republic. Popularization of the submission only format as a pure expression of Jiu-Jitsu not only in this country, but also in other countries.


Submission only tournaments (gi and nogi) throughout Czechia, which will be added to the league. Each tournament has a name. Efforts to spread these tournaments to other countries (Slovakia, Poland etc.)


The league is equal to a calendar year. It starts in January and ends in December. Only people with Czech citizenship or people with a temporary address in the Czech Republic can participate (i.e. people who live in the Czech Republic but do not have Czech citizenship have the right to participate in the league). The league does not include children. The championship is open and all nationalities can participate. Similar leagues can be founded in other countries as well.


The rankings will be based on the league. There will be a Czech one and an international one.


Tournaments are a means of testing and comparing one’s own skills. Therefore it is not the best move to have young children participate in tournaments, especially submission only ones. That is why there are tournaments only for children over 11 years of age. Until then, children should work on mastering poses, transitions and other movements. That does not mean that younger children should not learn submission at all, but the most emphasis should be put on the movements themselves. After 10 years of age, it is not at all difficult to work submission into the game and start competing.


The W.O.W. Federation is represented by Jan Paldus, BJJ is represented by Robin Javorek. W.O.W. creates an official federation for BJJ under which there will be league tournaments, workshops, national and European championships etc.