How to register to Smootcomp

How to register to Smootcomp

Create your own profile (only do once in your life)

  1. Create Account - Create Account (Gray icon at the top right).
  2. FIRST NAME - First Name.
  3. LAST NAME - surname.
  4. EMAIL - your email.
  5. CONFIRM EMAIL - the same email for confirmation, you wrote it well.
  6. PASSWORD – heslo.
  7. CONFIRM PASSWORD - the same password for confirmation, you wrote it well.
  9. Create Account - Create Account (green icon down).
  10. Position the cursor at the top right of your name, and select SETTINGS.
  11. Nationality - nationality (Czechia - Czech).
  12. BIRTHDATE - date of birth.
  13. GENDER - sex (male - male, female - women).
  14. PHONE - a phone number with area code (+420 for Czech).
  15. ADDRESS (Address), ZIP (Zip), CITY (city) PROVINCE/STATE (region), COUNTRY (state) - all you can, But do not fill.
  16. PROFILE IMAGE - picture (you do not record).
  17. COVER IMAGE - big picture (you do not record).
  18. Save Changes - save changes.
  19. And TEAM ACADEMY - select and academy team, to compete for; if there, Tell your coach, let academy / team creates; it might happen, that some teams can approve members, you can wait, before you approve (simply academy).
  20. JOIN ACADEMY - to join the Academy.


Log in to the tournament (You do at each tournament separately)

  1. EVENTS (the top of the menu).
  2. Choose the tournament (e.g. 2nds Valachien Challenge).
  3. REGISTER TO EVENT - register (blue icon to the right).
  4. Choose your profile.
  5. If you have filled all of the previous section when creating a profile, so just give SAVE AND CONTINUE (green icon on the right).
  6. And TEAM ACADEMY - this should be already filled out your profile (if not, fill in).
  7. ENTRIES - inputs; Here select the category, where you want to compete (highlighted are the only ones, in which you can register) and click on ADD (green icon).
  8. CATEGORY WEIGHT - weight category.
  9. BELTS - tapes (Not for children or juniors).
  10. REGISTER - Register.
  11. You can select multiple categories and will appear to the right of your selected category.
  12. CONTINUE TO PAYMENT - continue to pay (green icon on the right).
  13. Here appears the amount of the payment order, you have to pay and where. Notes to write your name and the category.
  14. NEXT - continue (There appears again a payment order).
  15. CONTINUE - continue (the completion of a registration).

changes to

  1. Position the cursor at the top right of your name, and select MY ACCOUNT.
  2. Here you see my picture, you can change or cancel.
    1. EDIT - change
    2. CANCEL - cancel
    3. ADD MORE - Add another category

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