Academic Championship in Grappling

Academic Championship in Grappling

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• date: sobota 24. 3. 2018
• venue: Prague, Česká republika
• organizer: CAUSE, MMAA a WoW
web:, e-mail:
tournament Director: Zdeněk Kidney, mobil: + 420 777 934 915
organization: Robin Javorek, mobil: +420 724 711 515

• registration:
• fee: 0 CZK
Registration on Wednesday 14. 3. 2018 do 23:59

• entrance for spectators: zdarma

AM CR are students of accredited universities (university) or higher vocational schools (Vos) in the Czech Republic all forms of study. Students are required to be in control weighing show a valid statement about the study (index, SIC Kart, copy of diploma). Athlete must be a student or university Vos, which it logs or the appropriate school he graduated from in a calendar year 2017. AM Czech students can not attend, who interrupted the study or were admitted to the study and had not received the documents for admission. AM Czech Republic may also participate in foreign students, studying at Czech universities or VOS. When, student studying two university simultaneously, can start only one university. Students, who properly completed their studies in 2017 Czech Republic may participate AM, but these must not be older 27 years and must show a copy of a diploma. Without these documents prove the student will not be admitted to the Czech Republic AM.

Turnaje se mohou zúčastnit pouze předem přihlášení závodníci.

• MEN: -64 kg, -70 kg, -77 kg, -84 kg, -93 kg, +93 kg
• WOMEN: -58 kg, -64 kg, +64 kg

• There:
• competes according to the rules of beginners category

• will be published on Thursday 22. 3. 2018 v závislosti na počtu startujících
• best publication at the end of the tournament
• The organizer reserves the right to make any changes

• Winner of each category will receive the title "Academic Champion of the Czech Republic in grappling" in the weight category

We look forward to your participation in the Academic Championship in Prague.

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