Ju Jitsu


Jujutsu is a traditional Japanese martial art with its origins as far back as the ninth century. It has undergone many changes since then. Nevertheless, the biggest change was the first systematization of the techniques implemented by Hisamori Takenouchi in 1532. Jujutsu can be translated as “gentle art” or also “the art to achieve victory through flexibility and/or nimbleness”. There are over 700 basic versions of Japanese Jujutsu.

What are its features?
It is a defensive martial art which uses kicks, strikes, different throws to neutralize the attacker. Another important thing is kinetic energy of the opponent, which is used against them in Jujutsu. It is also a martial art for armed fight. Students are trained in fighting with a weapon against an unarmed or armed opponent and most importantly for situations when they are unarmed against an armed opponent. An important part of Jujutsu is also atemi waza or precise strikes and kicks to opponent’s vital points to paralyze them.

Unfortunately, the name of Jujutsu has been slightly damaged lately, mostly by the amount of schools and awarding high master belts. Many “masters” established their own schools and styles, awarded themselves high levels and thus the belt loses its meaning and value.
This is why we united and we want to build real Jujutsu values.